General Incorporated Foundation
Yokohama, Japan

Mycotoxin Research Association was established in February 1972 when peanuts butter aflatoxin issue firstly happened in Japan under the support by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (presently the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) and the industry of food 54 importers to examine and research aflatoxin contained in foods and agricultural products.

The Association was authorized as the designated laboratory by the government in 1975 and now as an officially approved registered laboratory under new law enacted in 2004. The purpose of Association is to provide fair, accurate, neutral information results to business clients. And our mission is to become a reliable partner for stakeholders always.

We are proud of being a top-class pioneer in inspecting and analyzing various kinds of mycotoxins (aflatoxin, ochratoxin and others) and toxigenic fungi in
Japan. In addition, the association has prepared to be able to perform various kind of food, food materials inspections by well-educated inspectors and analysts using the modern analytical instruments and facilities.

Nowadays, we expanded the field of inspection into residual pesticides, microorganisms, harmful substances, nutrition, radiological material, and other inorganic subjects etc. and are providing services to clients, dedicating ourselves for safety and health of food products.

Furthermore, in addition to inspection and analyzing service as a reliable government recognized third party laboratory, we also provide advisory and solution service, food safety management/control, and HACCP accreditation and certification service, based on sharing information with clients under strict secrecy control. In 2017, we started sales of computerized advanced System for inspection and analyzing of food which was developed through long term experience in our laboratory.

Japan is a top-class food and food material importer in the world. We are doing training ourselves, being helpful for clients and customers in developing products, importing, producing and distribution of products.